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Here are several resources that examine the kind of heart and some of the skills that I think it takes to have deep, good conversations.

Conversing the Gospel      (Download MS Word file)

Jesus' Conversations in John      (Download MS Word file)

Laughing - Bible Study

Listening - 2 Kings 5

Does work makes sense? Not, "Do you know what to do at work?" but, "Do you know why you are doing it?" Here are two Bible studies and one sermon that might help.

The Gift of Work

Paul on Work

Tim Keller on Work (1 Thessalonians 4:9-12) (Link to audio)

To dig a little deeper, you might want to try one of these resources as well.

Bigger Gospel - Bigger World (Bible Study)

Our Work Loves Our Neighbor (Book Review)

Heavenly Good of Earthly Work (Book Review)

"Work Stories" (Parables about Work)

More Work Resources (Annotated Bibliography)

I have written a short book that deals with six topics related to talking about faith, topics such as listening, laughing, learning and language. In the book, I mention several of the resources on this site (above).

I have also taken a few of the chapters and have rewritten them without any "religious" language or Bible references. Even though I have tried to write the book in a way that is accessible to any reader, some people are put off by even mentioning the Bible. But that does not mean they are not interested in talking about the same topics. So, with such friends in mind, here are "remixed" versions of 3 chapters from the book.



Looking to Affirm

Life is busy! If cutting sleep in not an option, how can we find time (or find ways) to keep our hearts close to God? In my experience, staying close to God when life is busy requires 3 things:
  • Doing the things that best fit who you are. (Unless you are stuck in a rut. Then, do the opposite.)
  • Looking for those moments where God is already "showing up."
  • And if you are just getting started in daily prayer/reading the Bible, learning a simple structure
To help find what works for you, here is a short exercise: Getting Started (Or Re-Started) with God.

If you've never done this before, you might want to try the "7-minute approach" (or just ask a friend to show you what they do).
How are believers suppose to carry themselves in the world? Here are several Bible studies and one short paper.

Separation or Among? - Part 1

Separation or Among? - Part 2

Knowing, Living and Sharing the Gospel

Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther (paper)

There are many good ways to read the Bible. You can read it for doctrine, looking for ideas about who God is and what the world is like. You can read it devotionally, asking God, "is there anything you want to say to me today?" Or you can read it for the "drama," drawing insight from the stories it is telling. The first resource below is a Bible reading plan that takes you through highlights from the Old and the New Testaments with an emphasis on the "big picture" of the story.

The Story of Israel - The Story of Jesus

The second is a guide to reading the Bible with people who may be very unfamiliar with it.

Mixed Bible Reading Groups

God's image - even when people do not acknowledge it - shines through us all. This image shows up, on our best days, both in what we create and in what we desire. Here is a short paper that examines the "good news" the world says it is looking for.

Broken Heroes

For years, people have successfully used illustrations like the Bridge Illustration to communicate key truths about Jesus' life and death. Here is a link to the classic Navigator Bridge Illustration plus a link to a "one-verse" version of the Bridge.

The Bridge Illustration (link)

One-Verse Bridge illustration (link)

Does sharing the Bridge seems like too far of a stretch for some of your friends? Here is a short illustration that explains why, sometimes, any kind of illustration can be too much - and what we can do about it.

"Another" Bridge illustration