Dr. Who and "The Man Who Never Would"

While I do not agree that there is never a time to “pull the trigger” in order to protect or defend the people we love or are responsible for, I love the heart of Dr. Who’s commitment to never act in anger or revenge. You can argue whether or not the BBC is trying to portray (or should portray) this TV character as a true pacifist, but at least in the episode “The Doctor’s Daughter,” he clearly models and argues for building a society on forgiveness and peace, not on revenge and anger.


Revenge, to me, is a selfish act. It says “my pain is the priority,” not justice, not peace. Jesus had a very difficult time convincing the people of his day that vengeance against the Romans was wrong. In fact, in the end, it was a military uprising against the Romans that lead to the destruction of Jerusalem. Jesus, in John 8:28, says that he is also “a man who never would,” i.e., a man who would “never act on my own initiative” (NT Wright’s Kingdom NT translation). Jesus’ heart was to follow His Father, even when it lead to his own self sacrifice.


To watch the Doctor’s speech, seconds after watching his daughter die in his arms, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcyVZoDPi9A (1:00). To watch the whole scene of her death and her father’s response, watch this clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuNuPT4PJfI (3:28).

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