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While I do not agree that there is never a time to “pull the trigger” in order to protect or defend the people we love or are responsible for, I love the heart of Dr. Who’s commitment to never act in anger or revenge. You can argue whether or not the BBC is trying to portray (or should portray) this TV character as a true pacifist, but at least in the episode “The Doctor’s Daughter,” he clearly models and argues for building a society on forgiveness and peace, not on revenge and anger.

The solution to disappointment, especially when it is disappointment in the spheres we care most about, is to keep going, keep loving, keep believing, keep forgiving, keep trying. All the great stories tell us to keep hoping: in the end, righteousness, truth and justice will prevail.

Where do problems come from? They come from that little part of human beings that says, “Dammit. No. That’s mine and I’m not sharing.” This attitude can be accurately called “sin,” “hate,” “current reality” or “just the way things are.”

My friend Kyu Ho says that the challenges that show up in work and family - problems like strained relationships, disappointment, things just not working the way they should - these problems are not any worse or any more frequent inside work and family than they are in any other part of life. But because we spend so much time and energy there and have so much invested, when things go wrong in these areas of life, it just seems to be worse. And like driving, where a majority of accidents happen within a close circle to our homes, these areas aren't any more dangerous, its just that we are in them much more often.


The world, in other words, is a challenging place, and wherever we spend the most time, we will face the most challenges. In other words, the things that we think are “the best” can sometimes feel like the worst.


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What does it mean to be “spiritual”? If it means “ethereal,” “not of this earth,” “disembodied,” etc., I’m not very interested. The kind of spiritual I’m interested in is everything but disconnected from reality, disconnected from action or “floaty.” What I need is something that powers my life, not an escape from life.