Calibrating Hope

Having the right amount of hope is important: too much, and you are heading for disappointment and disillusionment, maybe despair. Too little, and you are already there!
Looking back over the ups and downs of my life, I can see that I have been “in the ditch” on both sides of this road. In college and into my working career, I have fluctuated, wildly at times, between deep discouragement and overblown optimism. But more recently, I think my leaning has been towards not hoping enough. I can call some of my moderation growing wisdom and maturing, but some of it has been grow cynicism.
I think that is why I have turned to the Gospel of John as a good way to start the year. Back when I decided to start reading John, I didn’t know why, I just knew I wanted “a little more Jesus.”
In John, I see places where Jesus expects more change (John 5:14) from the people has interacted with and places where he promises more (John 10:10). No, I don’t think I can be “perfect” in this life, but I think I can legitimately hope for a little more.

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